Cheating Wives Videos

Candid Wife 2: Caught Fucking On Hidden Cam

Caught Fucking On Hidden CamDescription: Wives caught cheating on their husbands on hidden cameras. Genuine slut wives caught in the act!

Review: This 70 minute video produced in Europe in 2007 is a compilation of original hidden camera footage showing wives caught cheating on their husbands. Seven different women are featured in this 100% explicit video and none of the action is cut. You get to see the full unedited sex including foreplay, fucking and cleaning up the mess afterwards!

Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceDescription: 100% French, 100% amateurs. Stolen views of beautiful girls.

Review: As the description suggests, this is a French video compilation put together from surveillance camera footage. Some very hot French girls have been caught having sex on security cameras and because of the European laws it is legal for the videos to be published since they were taken in a public place. If you�ve ever wondered what it would be like to fuck a French girl, now�s the time to find out! This is one very hot video and I thoroughly recommend it.